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2016 – What a year!

With all of the divisive and hurtful rhetoric in the U.S. in 2016, one thing became very clear to all of us at KCA –  without a community of compassionate and committed supporters, and without partnership, no movement can be successful. Thank you for standing with us.

As we enter this new year of uncertainty, with healthcare in the U.S. and around the world in jeopardy, we realize that work like ours is as critical as ever. Last year we worked hard to increase our impact and use our collective voice to continue the fight to end AIDS. By supporting activists on the frontlines of HIV and investing in the power of the arts to create positive social change, 2016 was a year of impact and we are proud to say we increased the number of people we serve from 70,000 to over 89,000 individuals in India, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa. We’ve been inspired by taking a look back at what we accomplished together last year, and hope you will be too!

Closing the Gap in HIV Care


  • At Alive Medical Services clinic in Kampala, Uganda we provided HIV counseling and testing to 1,800 people, almost half of whom were HIV positive and enrolled immediately into care.
  • At all of our programs, we invested in women and girls, the most integral members of the community. Last year close to 13,000 women received dignified, comprehensive HIV treatment at our sites, and other services, including prevention of mother-to-child transmission interventions, family planning, support groups and livelihood training.

Focusing on Empowerment and Activism


  • In Mombasa, Kenya, we launched a new Youth Zone with our partner the Family Care Clinic, a safe space for young people to access tailored, life-saving HIV services and foster new friendships, through support groups, an arts program, and jobs training services. Now, over 2,700 young people from FCC and the surrounding area are able to enter this sanctuary and find a strong sense of community.


  • We partnered with the Red Hot Foundation to host a Storytelling and Advocacy Workshop in Kampala, Uganda because we see the power of the arts to heal and substantially create change for communities to survive and thrive. The workshop brought together young people and Youth Coordinators from all of our programs and gave them the skills and resources to share their own narrative, and advocate for themselves and their futures.


  • We reflected on AIDS activists from the 1980s and reignited our own spirit of activism to stay focused on ending AIDS. At our annual Black Ball we honored and recognized these important visionaries and continued the discussion on World AIDS Day, when we hosted an interactive panel on activism.

Expanding Access to Healthcare

  • At the Blue Roof Life Centre in Durban, South Africa we transformed this space into a community center for children, youth and their families, where computer training and arts programs are available alongside high quality HIV clinical care and preventions services. As part of this transformation we launched a collaboration with the Lalela Project, an afterschool arts program, which reached over 350 children and youth.
  • With our partner, Alive Medical Services, we joined forces with Icebreakers, a local NGO, to ensure that young gay men and trans women know their HIV status and have access to treatment. Our staff set up moonlight clinics around bars that both communities frequent to provide 135 people with dignified HIV testing, condom distribution and information on where to access treatment if they tested positive.

  • In India, where children and youth living with HIV are rarely given the specialized care and treatment needed to survive, we partnered with Prayas to train staff across 17 orphanages throughout Maharashtra state to care for over 1,400 children and youth so they stay healthy and thrive.

Moving Forward

In these uncertain times, we need to come together, and blaze forward to provide basic healthcare, which includes HIV. In this new year, we’re encouraging radical acts of love, that is positivity, commitment and real impact that builds bridges not walls between all of us.

If you would like to know more about our impact or programs, please contact info@keepachildalive.org – we’re excited to share!