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8 Reasons Why we Love Alicia


Today we’re celebrating the birth of our co-founder Alicia Keys through some of our favorite songs from her new album HERE. Check out the 8 reasons why we love her below!

1 – The Beginning.

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Alicia co-founded KCA after she learned first-hand that so many children didn’t have the life-saving HIV treatment they needed to survive.

2 – Work on it.

She’s been in the fight against HIV for 13 years and her relentless commitment to KCA’s mission is like no other.

3 – Blended Family (What you do for love).

Keep a Child Alive is a blended family filled with so much love.

4 – Kill Your Mama.


She performed at Keep a Child Alive’s Black Ball within weeks of giving birth (twice) and killed it!

5 – In Common.


She reminded the world that we all have way too much in common. That no matter where you live or your circumstances we’re all the same and bleed the same blood.

6 – You Glow.


She’s a natural beauty, but her inner beauty and commitment to a better future shines even brighter.

7 – Illusion of Bliss.


Although HIV is no longer in the headlines, the epidemic is far from over. There are currently 36.9 million people living with HIV worldwide.

8 – More Than We Know.

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Thank you for reminding us that we can do more than we know. Every action no matter how big or small brings us one step closer to ending this epidemic.

Join us in celebrating Alicia and donate $36 today in honor of her 36th birthday!!!

The KCA Team

  • Samia

    I love and admire her so much for not only her amazing talent but also her humanitarian works!I keep a child alive thanks to her!!
    Happy Birthday Alicia Keys!!!

  • Jennifer

    So powerfull ever message
    I get goose bumps and so happy and blessed to live in an generation where I can look up to a person like Alicia Keys