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2016 – What a year!

With all of the divisive and hurtful rhetoric in the U.S. in 2016, one thing became very clear to all of us at KCA –  without a community of compassionate... Read more.

Granny/‘Gogo’ Power: A Movement Powered by Love

Image courtesy of Alexis MacDonald for The Stephen Lewis Foundation We know that investing in women produces the most positive and long-lasting outcomes for global communities. From initiatives investing in... Read more.

We’re half way there

It’s only natural to go dormant in the cold seasons, but the first half of 2016 has been busier than ever. Luckily, the warm weather is finally upon us and... Read more.

Angels in India, Too!

  The Sahara Aalhad Care Home is located in Pune, a 30-minute flight from Mumbai. And Sonu, my good friend who lives in India, and I traveled there for the... Read more.

An Unexpected Journey

Living in Johannesburg, South Africa, has always had its ups and downs. The main ‘up’ is the people of this city. They are friendly, warm and often inviting. However, the... Read more.

Angels in Africa at Blue Roof Wellness Center

I’m in Durban, South Africa, now to see two more programs funded by Keep a Child Alive. And today I visited the Blue Roof Wellness Center. This facility is very... Read more.

Bears to the Rescue

Another program funded by Keep a Child Alive is Operation Bobbi Bear. And while the adorable stuffed bear serves as a mascot, it’s also a tool. The primary mission at... Read more.

Building Again, Destination: Malawi

Yes, I’m headed to another Habitat for Humanity ‘build’, my ninth! This time the location is Malawi, East Africa. But I stopped first in Johannesburg South Africa, in part to... Read more.

Smart & Responsible Teens

Earlier this year, Tayla Colton, KCA’s Senior Director of Programs, and I spent time with the staff and clients at the Family Care Clinic (FCC), a pediatric HIV center located... Read more.