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Dating For a Cause

AUP 2015 bachelor auction

When AUP CARES, a philanthropic organization at the American University of Paris, was choosing their next issue to address—HIV/AIDS quickly came to mind. There are 35 million people living globally with HIV and 2.1 million new infections in 2013 alone. The organization’s President, Marina Ceccarelli, had heard about Keep a Child Alive before and felt it would be a perfect fit for the school’s diverse student body.

So what did they do?

Last fall, they kicked off the semester with a Bachelor and Bachelorette Auction as a way to bring new students together. Hosted at a local bar, it was a great chance for people to meet, have fun (okay, maybe embarrass themselves a little), and to work toward a greater cause. Keeping the momentum going, they organized a wine tasting fundraiser in honor of Worlds AIDS Day on December 1st. All participants received a red ribbon, condoms, information on HIV/AIDS, and a wine tasting 101 class from the Wine Society. So far they have raised over $1,100 and are looking forward to doing even more this semester!

What’s the best part of the process?

“I really enjoyed finding ideas for awareness and fundraising events, alongside planning them and using my marketing knowledge to get the message across campus. It also puts a smile on my face in helping others as I learned from an early age that it should come as second nature.” –Marina

Feeling inspired? Looking to get more involved?

Contact Monica at monica@keepachildalive.org or 646-762-8216 for more information on how you can turn your idea into action.