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From Small Beginnings

Michael and Rasika Foskin-sized

Our fundraising motto here at KCA is “no gift is ever too small!” Michael and Rasika Foskin began supporting our mission as monthly donors at the $30 level in 2005. Since then, they have more than tripled their monthly support and have raised over $10,000 in their 10 year commitment (and counting), to our cause.

And this year their commitment was ignited through Michael’s participation in the TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour. Michael raised over $6,500 for the KCA team, sending his and Rasika’s total funds raised to over $19,000!


“…it made Rasika and I think…how to take small things that we enjoy every day and turn them into a way to make a change in a life, in a family, in a community. So once I heard I could ride as part of KCA’s team in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, it didn’t take much cajoling for me to sign up, don’ the lycra, get up on my trusty, though battered, two wheeled steed “Euska” and train like crazy for a 40 mile bike ride and raise some much needed funds for an organization that grows more important to us by the day”


And to think, this huge success began with a simple monthly commitment. Take a closer read at what drives this philanthropic power couple:

“10 years ago Rasika and I were very interested in the work of the ONE.org movement in Africa and wanted to see how we could turn advocacy into something very personal for us. It didn’t take too much research to be completely engaged with the goals and works of KCA. From day one it felt we were invested in such a unique approach to dealing with HIV, not just in trying to treat the disease, but through education…involving family, friends and the community. And as years passed, the more we learned about the programs and projects KCA drives across Africa and India, the more we wanted to be involved in such an incredible cause.


It’s a simple fact…just witness the energy, enthusiasm and passion everyone involved in KCA displays every day and you can’t help but be inspired…it’s contagious! And more importantly, KCA makes it personal…Peter, Merav, Monica, and Dyanna all have taken so much time to explain the work’s of KCA with us that we’ve just wanted to be more involved…they made us feel we are part of a family.

KCA is a family, and Rasika and I are honored to be part of this family now. The mission of “No new infections. No barriers to treatment. No discrimination.” is such a powerful goal that honestly pushes you to want to understand more about KCA’s programs. Without a doubt our involvement with KCA is growing day by day. Rasika’s and my mission is that we can turn those small and big things in life we enjoy into positive energy and tangible help to KCA for years to come.”

The KCA family would like to thank Michael and Rasika for their unwavering support of our mission. Your passion helps drive us and we couldn’t do the work that we do without you.

We’d love for you to join us in our commitment to the end of AIDS. You can take action by spreading the word, starting your own fundraiser or simply making a donation. Click here to join us.

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    Magnifique!Beautiful and inspiring story!