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The truth about moms

Mothers are central to who we are, to our families, to our communities. We see it in our own lives, and we see it everyday in the lives we touch through our work.

As we approach Mother’s Day, we’d like to share with you some of what makes our mothers unique, and so very special to us. 

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Thank you for all that you do for us!

The KCA Team

  • Samia

    Beautiful!I wish I had a mom like yours!

  • Priya Rajkumar

    This is a beautiful video on mothers and my husband and myself enjoyed it, was wonderful to see you Alana.
    My husband (Raj) has written a few lines about mothers and I am sharing this with you.

    Mother – A Symbol of Love

    Mother you are unique, You work hard, Suffer pain and fatigue, Smile for our sake and put us at ease

    You give us your best, Walk long miles, Face life’s hard test, Tired but never took rest

    Your eyes shed tears, You express your fears, We may not go astray, Day and night you pray

    We know you care, What you have you share

    Mother you are a beautiful dove, Your every thought for us, Is an expression of Love


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  • cheryl francis-pfister

    Such a wonderful and creative tribute to us from the KCA Team for Mothers Day. Thanks for the love and respect! It will definitely be a happy one because of you.