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KCA Chapter Makes a Bold Statement in Red


We recently caught up with Kenya Crawford, the President of the KCA Chapter at Penn State (which was awarded the Student Organization of the Month Award in April!!).

How was the KCA Chapter at Penn State created?

About 3 years ago, a group of students decided they wanted to not only educate the Penn State community about HIV/AIDS, but also help children across the world.


Tell us about the Red Ribbon Campaign.

This is our 2nd anniversary of the campaign!  We came up with the Red Ribbon Campaign because we wanted to catch people’s attention around campus and on social media.  We chose the red ribbon because it is the universal symbol for HIV/AIDS and made sure to have a diverse array of models to show that HIV affects us all.  



What are some of the events you have hosted?

We have hosted a variety of events, including the Battle of the Sexes, where college students can anonymously ask questions relating to HIV/AIDS, STIs, and how they can affect a college campus.  On World AIDS Day, we had students wear red and stand in the shape of a ribbon to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS.  We also hosted a spelling bee on Black AIDS Day to educate and raise money.  On Valentine’s Day, we hosted a date auction to raise funds and between each auction, we read facts related to HIV/AIDS.  Last fall, we even hosted our own version of the Black Ball called the K-Ball!

To the KCA Chapter at Penn State, we hope you have an amazing summer and can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves for next year!  Thank you so much for your love and support!

If you are interested in starting your own KCA Chapter or organizing an event, please e-mail monica@keepachildalive.org.