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Looking back to move forward


Keep a Child Alive (KCA) has been not only my passion but my mission for the past 14 years and I am truly inspired by all that we have accomplished. It has assisted me in growing in ways I never thought I could, simply (and not so simply), by realizing all the little ways that you and I can actually step by step change situations we want to see change!

The power in that is monumental and not to be underestimated, especially now more than ever!

This year, has been a time of transition – and new beginnings, for both the world as well as us here at KCA. We’ve seen so many catastrophic events take place, threats against human rights, needless violence, and more – reinforcing the need for us all to come together and do more to help one another.

Amidst the difficulties, our programs and the people we serve remain our primary focus, and we continue to make real strides in the fight against AIDS. Here’s a look back at some of the amazing things we achieved this year.

  • We increased the number of people we serve from 70,000 to over 89,000 people annually.
  • Our partner Operation Bobbi Bear’s work on behalf of sexually abused children will be recognized by World of Children, an organization that improves the lives of vulnerable children by funding and elevating the most effective change-makers for children worldwide. Bobbi Bear will join the ranks of 100 World of Children Protection honorees and receive a grant that will allow them to reach more children in need.

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  • Alive Medical Services (AMS) in Uganda, just celebrated their 10th year! They are one of the only clinics of their kind in Kampala, and have grown to serve over 13,000 people. It has been an honor to have watched and helped them grow, and I can’t wait to see them do even more in the years to come.
  • To ensure that we’re learning and growing, we shared KCA program models and accomplishments at the International AIDS Conference presenting on the Bhavishya Vulnerability Index (BVI) that was developed by KCA. The BVI measures the vulnerability to issues such as economic, social, and health of our clients in India.
  • We transformed the Blue Roof in Durban with our partner Zoe Life into a best practice center providing services, training and research to radically minimize the impact of HIV for children and adolescents in South Africa and beyond.

KCA Community putting their bodies to the test


  • We have 6 amazing people running 26.2 miles for KCA in the NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 5. I did it two years ago and a major part of what kept me going was the children and families we serve, so I am so grateful to this year’s team for going the distance for our mission. Click here to show them some love!


  • My amazing friend Josh Zitomer is trying to top his own record AGAIN with a burpee challenge. He’s partnered with Spartan Races to break the 12-hour chest to ground burpee world record all while raising funds for KCA. The event will be livestreamed at midnight on Saturday, November 4, so be sure to support him here.

Special thank you to all of you for being here with us along the way. I am very excited about KCA’s future and am more committed than ever to our mission. In these uncertain times, let’s pour out more LOVE and come together, and blaze forward to provide basic healthcare and HIV treatment to all. We’re encouraging radical acts of love, that is positivity, commitment and real impact that builds bridges not walls between all of us.

Peace and love,

  • Alesia Palmer

    This is why Love Alicia Keys. I am elated to see the vast progress in Uganda. May God continue to bless you all. As I continue to donate to help you all, it brings much joy to my heart to see all the smiles of joy and hope. Peace & Blessing

  • Samia

    I gotta say I was a bit worried with everything that happened,all the changes and all!I am glad we finally got some news and that Alicia is not leaving Keepachildalive!

  • Just Me Talk’N

    Hey, it is nice to know that KCA is still alive – by the none activity on your site – it looks like you were non-functional.
    Glad you are still here helping children that need our care…

  • Keep a Child Alive

    Thanks so much. We appreciate your support!

  • Keep a Child Alive

    Thanks Samia!

  • Keep a Child Alive

    Thanks for your continued support Alesia!

  • Mary Nuahn

    Alicia Keys
    I thank you for everything you’re doing from the buttom of my heart, your heart is the life of God. I’m with you,I love you

  • Donna Y Kennedy

    I love you Alicia for your humbleness and genuineness. You walk the take by heeding the voice of God. When you began un-glamming yourself and became natural, promoting your natural beauty you became more of a realist in my eyes. Your family is truly blessed to have you as their Queen, wife and mother. You are truly blessed and now you have been positioned to be a blessing. Thanks for your perfect timing and commitment. Keep on keeping on, you’re doing the doggone thing. God bless you.

  • Ingrid

    Thank you for the shout out for us marathoners! I just got back to LA last night. I’m still digesting the day and all the love and support from both friends and total strangers. Every time I feel like this world has gone to hell, I’m going to remember Sunday. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to run and raise funds for my favorite KCA!

  • Alice Norah

    Thank you Alicia for the commendable work well done for us in Uganda keep it up and be blessed

  • http://decisionstate.publishing.com Vivian jonVes

    you are amazing Alicia, You have the love of Jesus in your heart! May God bless you and keep you strong and prosper so you can do your part(your destiny) in changing the world! Vivian Jones

  • Gracy Ruel Fernandes

    Hey Alicia, Great job keep moving ahead with peace and love for mankind. God bless you. Cherish those moment working with KCA.
    Gracy Fernandes