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Meet Lorraine Massey.


We are constantly blown away by the efforts of our incredible supporters. And always so very grateful. You are an inspiration to us.

The wonderful Lorraine Massey is a talented stylist, dear friend and great supporter of Keep a Child Alive. Since April 2014, she has been cutting hair to support our work, raising over $41,500 to date.


Here is what inspired Lorraine to action, in her own words:

“For me, it is a privilege to partner with Keep a Child Alive. After meeting Peter Twyman, the CEO of Keep a Child Alive, through a mutual friend, I quickly learned how authentic this organization is from the inside out. Alicia Keys’ words resonated in my mind, “Seeing a child who was only predicted to live to age 2, and now they’re 15 … wow.” Everything became even more real for me when I met Mum Carol at the Black Ball. She is the founder of Ikageng Itireleng AIDS Ministry in Soweto South Africa, which receives financial and programmatic support from KCA. Mum Carol is a force unlike any other. What she has achieved for over 1,000 orphaned and vulnerable children is remarkable. Many of these children are living on their own and supporting their younger siblings. She has brought brightness into their lives. Ikageng makes sure these children have adequate shelter, feeds and clothes them, gives them access to an education and health care, and gives them so much love.

I believe in sharing what you have no matter what it is, big or small, and not taking things for granted. We should all strive to promote compassion, enthusiasm, and love. And that is just what I hope I am accomplishing through my involvement with Keep a Child Alive.”


Lorraine would like to extend her gratitude to the community of hairstylists that have invited her in and opened up their salons in the US, Canada, and UK in support of Keep a Child Alive.

And we would like to thank you, Lorraine, for all you have done!

The KCA Team

View Lorraine’s campaign: do.keepachildalive.org/lorrainemassey

If you would like to get your salon involved, contact Monica for more information.


We’d love for you to join us in our commitment to the end of AIDS. You can take action by spreading the word, starting your own fundraiser or simply making a donation. Click here to join us.