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Bonjour! Meet Samia


The beauty of Keep a Child Alive is how universal our mission is. Whether you are at one of our sites in South Africa, in our headquarters in New York City, or living in Paris – the desire for children to have good health and a fair shot at life is something we can all agree on. This shared belief has connected us to many incredible people such as Samia, who we are proud to have in the KCA Community.

Born in Lyon, France, Samia has committed her life to helping children. Her many hats include teacher, nanny, volunteer, and fundraiser. She is especially passionate about girls and women’s rights, believing that they are the solution to eradicating extreme poverty – through education they can empower themselves and help their communities.

KCA: Samia, what inspired you to become a part of the KCA Community?

Samia: I was very moved by the KCA documentary, “Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland.” It showed a boy living with AIDS who could not afford medicine nor proper food… he looked like he was 9-years-old when he was really 16, it broke my heart. Immediately, I went online to find out more… and learned that for just $1 a day, we could literally keep a child alive, so I signed up to be a monthly donor.

One of the most inspiring things about Samia is how she just doesn’t stop – charity and helping others is a part of her daily life. Last May, when she couldn’t join KCA’s AIDS Walk NY team, she walked 6.2 miles in Paris instead and raised $1,275 in the process.


KCA: You are a hero to us, Samia! Who is your hero?

Samia: I have a few people that inspire me, but the one that really stands out is Michael Jackson. He helped thousands of children by visiting hospitals around the world, giving presents, through his music, and even now through his estate. I also admire Alicia Keys of course, as well as Madonna, Bono, and Angelina Jolie for all of their humanitarian work.

KCA: What do you hope for the children that Keep a Child Alive serves?

Samia: I hope that they stay alive, healthy, go to school, and enjoy just being children!

The KCA Community is what keeps us going strong. Every one of you is changing the lives of children affected by HIV and contributing to the end of AIDS.

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  • Valenchia Hershberger

    I love your spirit, Samia, and your strength to keep moving forward. The world is a much better place with you in it. Much love!