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Techy Ways to Give


Because of two innovative apps, supporting Keep a Child Alive (KCA) has never been easier. By downloading CauseTap and ChangUr on your mobile device, you’ll be upgrading your support for KCA to the 21st century!

CauseTap – Social change at your fingertips.
Available on Google Play and coming out to the iOS App Store soon.
CauseTap is a free mobile app that serves as a platform for users to discover other apps, install them, and make a difference all at the same time. When you use CauseTap instead of an app store, a donation is made to a cause of your choice, like KCA. But this money isn’t from you, it’s from the app developer — so your meaningful support is effortless and comes at no extra cost! CauseTap also allows you to connect with your friends and support each other’s causes. So together, you can increase the positive impact on our communities in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and India.

ChangUr – Giving U the power to create social impact.
Available on Google Play and the iOS App Store.
Through ChangUr, you can turn spare change into social change. All you need to do is download the app, connect your account to a debit or credit card, and choose KCA as your organization. Once that’s done, all purchases made on your card will be rounded up and ChangUr donates your “digital spare change”. Let’s use your morning coffee as an example. If a medium cup costs $2.75, $0.25 is donated to KCA. Your small donations can add up to provide a child with HIV testing, counseling, and education at just $5. Through your daily purchases, you’ll easily be making a huge difference for the communities at our grassroots programs.

These apps allow anyone with a smart phone to become a philanthropist … what’s stopping you? Go download the apps now!