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We are here to tell the world that the end of AIDS is not a given. That this fight is not over.

We are here for children living with HIV – 75% of whom are STILL not receiving the life-saving treatment they need.

We are here for the adolescents and young people living with HIV, who survived childhood only to find themselves vulnerable and overlooked.

We are here for mothers with HIV, to make them strong,
to give them the means to provide for their children.

We are here to eradicate stigma, the corrosive engine of HIV that too often keeps people from getting and staying on treatment.

We are on the ground in Africa and India, doing the tough work where the needs are greatest, directly impacting the lives of the people we serve.

We are here. Continuing the struggle, determined to make sure this historic opportunity is not missed, raising our voice to reignite the activism that led to so much progress over the past decade.

We are here, and we are committed to realizing the end of AIDS


Commit to a child living with HIV. Join us.

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