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What motherhood means to us


We see it everyday. Mothers striving to do better for their families. Mothers making sacrifices to ensure that their children are provided for and getting the love they need.

This Mother’s Day we wanted to share some of the mothers who amaze and inspire us.

Chantal's family-edit
Director of Clinics Systems at WE-ACTx for Hope
Mother to Jonathan (12), Jessica (17), and Ornella (24)

A mother is someone who nurtures. Carrying a child in your womb for months and then giving birth creates a lifelong bond that cannot be broken, even by separation.

Motherhood can be a group of mothers who have the same objectives to build families and community, support one another as they navigate the realities of motherhood.


Patient at WE-ACTx for Hope
Mother of 11 children

I’m a single mother living with HIV. Being a mother means caring for my children and building strong relationships with them. I give each of them responsibilities, encouraging them to work together as a team and building loving relationships among themselves. For me, motherhood is all those activities that bring together mothers and children.


Executive Director at Sahara Centre for Residential Care & Rehabilitation
Mother of 3 boys

I do not know if anyone is really prepared for motherhood at all. At least I know… I wasn’t. Who would have thought that I could get such joy from a little kick in my stomach… or wait so expectantly for the birth of my son, or how someone so tiny would have such a hold on me? Who would have thought that I was capable of forgetting my own aspirations and replacing it with such a deep desire to love, protect, and nurture my children, who would also be and continue to be such a big huge part of my life and my being? Who would have thought that my life would change so dramatically? From I and me, to us and we?


IMG_7953 (1)-laila
World Champion Athlete, TV Personality, Brand Ambassador, Author & Speaker and KCA Ambassador
Mother to Curtis (7) and Sydney (5)

Motherhood is one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced because I know that one day I will have to set my babies free in this world to face their destiny, not knowing what that may be. I take full responsibility for arming them with all of the tools they will need to be strong, fearless, confident and righteous. Motherhood is a 24/7 365 day a year job that keeps me up at night because I love my children so much it hurts. I want to hold them in my arms forever but I know I can’t! Motherhood is the greatest gift I will ever receive, and I love it!


Regional Collections Center Manager and KCA Supporter
Mother to D’Andre (19), Jazmyne (18) and Michelle (16)

“Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have children. It’s about what you gained from having them.” – Unknown

Motherhood is the ultimate act of unconditional love. When you are a mother your life is no longer about you. Every decision, every thought, every action is based around what’s best for your child.

I am challenged, and strengthened every single day. I am the woman that I am and selfless person because I am a mother.


Director of Special Events & Major Donors at KCA
Mother to Stella (1)

Motherhood is the ultimate gift. Infinite, unimaginable love. Complete selflessness and opportunity to surrender. This has been the most pure, perfectly imperfect time of my life thus far.

Immense respect to all of the mothers out there, who make it happen each day. This is one serious sisterhood.


Give today in honor of a mother you love and help more mothers get care and treatment for their children.