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Dare To Bear
Let child victims of sexual abuse know
that they are not alone. Together, we can bear it.
And together, we will end it.


will allow our partner Operation Bobbi Bear to double the number of sexually abused children they support


covers the cost of 5 rape bags and 5 bears


covers the full cost of the initial 24-hour emergency response for an abused child


of all donations will go directly to Operation Bobbi Bear

Will You Dare To Bear?





Meet some of the incredible staff at Operation Bobbi Bear who Dare to Bear on behalf of children everyday.


How a child is treated when they first disclose their sexual abuse will set the tone for the rest of their lives.

Lady Fair

The world needs to know that it is not a shame to have experienced sexual abuse and no one should be afraid to speak about it.


What motivates me is when I help a child and they come back years later to say thank you for believing them and giving them hope.


When you see the transformation of a child that came in broken and afraid, and they leave with a sense of hope and dignity, it's an incredible feeling.


There's no organization like Bobbi Bear that will fight for the child and be the voice for the children.

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